FOX Not Moving Forward with URBAN COWBOY


The series Urban Cowboy will not be airing on Fox as planned. Check out the news below!

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Fox has opted not to go forward with Urban Cowboy, its planned modern reimagining of the 1980 feature. The Latin music-flavored project had received an off-cycle pilot order as a potential companion to Fox’s hit hip-hop music-themed drama Empire. After the pilot was delivered, more writing work was commissioned on the pilot as well as in the form of additional material. In the end, after deliberations, a decision was made not to proceed with a series.

The pilot, written and directed by Craig Brewer, followed star-crossed young lovers Kyle (Alfonso Herrera) and Gaby (Nathalie Kelley) — versions of the lead characters p
layed by John Travolta and Debra Winger in the country music-influenced Paramount movie — as they pursue their dreams and passions through the sweat of line dancing in honky tonks, the grime of the oil refineries and the glamour of modern Texas. It’s about family legacies, starting over, finding true love and the American dream.

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