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Here are new promotional photos/videos for Switched at Birth Episode 2.07 Drive in the Knife.     Source: Spoiler TV
Here are the new promotional photos/videos from Switched at Birth Episode 2.06 Human/Need/Desire.     Source: SpoilerTV
Here are some promotional videos for Switched at Birth Episode 2.05 The Acquired Inability to Escape. Source: SpoilerTV
We have some new promos from the upcoming Switched at Birth episode 2.04 Dressing for the Charade.
Check out the promo photos and videos for next week's episode of  Switched at Birth. Check out these two promotional videos from SpoilerTV: There seems to be a lot of tension with Bay and other students in her school.  Hopefully things...
Will Bay's new school bust up 'Bemmett'?  Bay is joining Emmett at Carlton and this is sure to challenge the friendship between Bay and her ex-boyfriend Emmett. TVLine interviewed Vanessa Marano, Bay, about the challenges ahead for Bay as she...
Check out the new promos for Switched at Birth episode 2.2 The Awakening Conscience! Source: SpoilerTV
Season 2 of Switched at Birth returns Monday and TV Line had a chance to talk with cast member Vanessa Marano about what fans can expect in the second season! TVLINE | Has Bay gotten all that rebelliousness out of her system? Yeah!...
Thanks to SpoilerTV we have the first look at Switched at Birth season 2 premiere The Door to Freedom which will air on ABC Family on Monday January 7th.  
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