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Victor Garber is set to leave DC's Legends Of Tomorrow according to a report from Deadline. The news seems to be all but confirmed by the news that Garber would be returning to Broadway for a revival of Hello, Dolly....
HNS joined other media outlets in interviewing the cast of Legends of Tomorrow at Comic Con 2017!  Brandon Routh Dominic Purcell & Caity Lotz Franz Drameh Maisie Richardson Sellers Tala Ashe Victor Garber The new season of Legends of Tomorrow will premiere october 10th!
  "Alias" is 10 years old!  This is a birthday celebration I can support! In my humble opinion,  "Alias" was everything good television should be: an amazing cast (Jennifer Gardner, Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan, Victor Garber and so many more), brilliant writing...
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