10 Hottest Child Stars All Grown Up


AfterElton has come up with this list of what they consider to be the 10 hottest child stars all grown up.  Here is SOME of their list. Head over to their stie to see the full list.

What do you think? Who do you think is missing from their list? I personally want to know where Ricky Schroder and Keith Coogan are on this list?! And speaking of Keith Coogan…have you checked out his exclusive interview with YAH? Head HERE to read it!

10. Jonathan Lipnicki

The Jerry Maguire kid apparently enjoys the gym. The onetime kid star’s body is basically an adamantium sheath, and he’s also perfected his photogenic stoicism.

7. Daniel Radcliffe

Aha! There’s our guy. Daniel Radcliffe is just about the most ideal celebrity I can think of: a staggering success who looks great, cares about the LGBT community, and is damn smart.

6. Robert Ri’chard

The former Nickelodeon star of Cousin Skeeter (and a Daytime Emmy winner for the TV movie In His Father’s Shoes) is almost painfully hot. I was reminded of this when watching his stint on The Vampire Diaries where he smoldered efficiently.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

At this point, we’ve seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt with about seven different bodies. Recently it’s been pretty buff, and I don’t think anyone’s too upset about that. He was charming on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and we grew to really love his talent in Mysterious Skin, but in the past few years he’s turned into a striking leading man with still unlimited potential. Hell, they turned him into Bruce Willis in Looper, remember?

1. Neil Patrick Harris

I hate a predictable ending to a list, but NPH remains the flyest dude around. The man who graduated fromDoogie‘s scrubs to Barney Stinson‘s suits is basically what a diorama of “a class act” looks like, and he’s got the pristine looks to pull it off. Classically, scorchingly hot. And he’s naked enough on HIMYM to prove he cares about winning this title.

Thanks Brent for the tip!