5 New Clips From ‘Ghostbusters’


Watch 5 new exclusive clips from the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters!

At a glimpse, “Ghostbusters” seems to follow the broad strokes of the original movie — an unlikely team comes together, puts together their own gear, and starts a business fighting ghosts — but director Paul Feig believes he’ll be bringing something new to the equation.

“It’s such a big idea that can’t be just contained by two movies from 30 years ago,” Feig told CNET. “Especially now with all the stuff we can do with special effects — it just felt remiss to not play with it again and bring it to a new generation and give them their own Ghostbusters.”

Certainly, this new generation has been a tough judge of what they’ve seen so far, but the final verdict will be in when “Ghostbusters” opens on July 15th.

Source: The Playlist