Aasif Mandvi Cast In ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ & ‘Mr. Robot’


Aasif Mandvi will be busy with his new roles in A Series of Unfortunate Events and Mr. Robot. Check out the news below!

aasif mandvi

Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show, The Brink) is set for recurring roles in Netflix’s upcoming series adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events and USA’s Mr. Robot.

In Unfortunate Events, Mandvi will play eccentric Uncle Monty, who the Baudelaire children are sent to live with. The role was played by Billy Connolly in the 2004 feature. The eight-episode series recounts the tale of the orphaned children Violet (Malina Weissman), Klaus (Louis Hynes) and Sunny Baudelaire at the hands of the villainous Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), as they face trials and tribulations, misfortunes and an evil uncle (Mandvi) in search of their fortune, all in their quest to uncover the secret of their parents’ deaths.

In the Sam Esmail-created Mr. Robot, Mandvi will play Jesse, a special agent who is a bit of a “dog.”

Source: Deadline