Actress Torrey DeVitto (The Vampire Diaries) Cast in ‘Army Wives’


The Vampire Diaries’ Torrey DeVitto has joined the Season 7 cast of Army Wives along with actresses Ashanti and Elle McLemore according to Deadline.

In her first series regular role, singer-actress Ashanti will play Latasha Durant, an optimistic mother of three, a sexy, fun woman who knows how to keep a husband – and how to keep him in line. DeVitto will play Maggie Hall, a sexy and smart Ex-Army Airborne, now a truck driver married to a Staff Sergeant with a teen daughter decided to get out of the Army to devote herself to being a wife and mother. McLemone will play Holly Gordon, a sweet, wide-eyed, bespectacled farm girl newly married to a soldier who is lonely and homesick. Filming on Season 7 will begin in mid-December in Charleston, South Carolina.

Does this mean we will see less of Torrey DeVitto’s character Dr. Meredith Fell on The Vampire Diaries? Only time will tell.