Adam Brody to Star in Sky’s Fast & Furious-Style


Deadline reported, Adam Brody (The O.C.) has been cast in Sky’s ‘Curfew.’

It’s the Fast and the Furious-style drama, it’s set to air exclusively on Spectrum Originals (Charter Communications). Brody will play Max Larssen, a mysterious millionaire.

The series’s cast also include Billy Zane, Miranda Richardson, Harriet Walter, Michael Biehn, Sean Bean and more. 

You can read the premise of the drama below:

“The eight-part drama follows the story of ordinary people competing in the world’s fastest, most furious, illegal night-time street race. The series, which was written by Read, will see contestants race through the night from London to Scotland in their “pimped-out” vehicles to win the ultimate prize — freedom from the totalitarian government curfew that controls their lives.”