Amanda Schull and Manolo Cardona Join Cast of USA Pilot


Amanda Schull (One Tree Hill alum) and Manolo Cardona have joined the currently untitled USA pilot.

amanda schull

Based on a short story from Leonard‘s When The Women Come Out To Dance, it centers on Billy (Bryan Greenberg), a Miami businessman  who, contemplating a run for political office, tries to increase his chances of being elected by marrying Lourdes (Stephanie Sigman), a Colombian woman who is on the run from her troubled past. What starts as a marriage of convenience quickly escalates into much more as his new wife proves to be more resourceful at “fixing” any problem the corrupt South Miami political scene throws at her husband. Schull will play Melody, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy former U.S. senator who also used to date Billy (Greenberg). Now married to the fast-rising Miami district attorney, she plays the role of socialite-political wife. Cardona will play Andres Varges, a handsome political science professor at the University of Miami. A man with a past he’d rather forget, he once worked for Colombian military intelligence and  agrees to help Lourdes when she seeks him out for his expertise in the political arena, despite the complicated past between the two. (Deadline)