Are We Ready for ‘Parenthood’ Tonight?


Zap2It made a list of of what we can look forward to (and dread) about watching Parenthood tonight!

1. Stoned Kristina! Kristina’s cancer takes a backseat in this episode — in fact, the brilliant Monica Potter is only in one scene — but we do get a rather hilarious look at how much she’s enjoying her new “medicinal” marijuana regimen. With all the gravitas that her breast cancer has brought to the show, it’s refreshing (and just generally awesome) to see a little levity amidst all the trauma.

2. Glen Hansard plays us out. Like Landon Pigg before him, Glen Hansard is one Luncheonette recording artist who fits right in with the tone of the show. He gets a pretty decent amount of screen time in tonight’s episode, but his shining moment is, of course, singing his gorgeous song “High Hopes” over the closing montage. You can feel it in your bones.

3. Jason Ritter, you are a brilliant genius. 
Mark Cyr has taken a bit of a backseat this season as Sarah has gotten to know Hank, but tonight’s episode reminds us why Ritter was nominated for an Emmy this year. The love triangle between Mark, Hank, and Sarah reaches a powerful turning point and Ritter’s brutally honest, vulnerable, raw performance willbreak your heart. If it doesn’t, you should see a doctor.

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