Arrowverse Crossover Brings Back Superman Introduces Lois Lane


We’re getting more information about the upcoming CW DC Crossover which will introduce us to Batwoman including the return of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

Superman returns for all three episodes of the crossover event which begins on December 9. Joining him will be Lois Lane with that role currently being cast.

The three-night crossover event kicks off with The Flash on at 8 PM Sunday, December 9, followed by Arrow at 8 PM December 10 and capping off with Supergirl on December 11. For this year’s crossover, The Flash and Supergirlwill swap time slots. The Flash normally airs on Tuesdays and Supergirl on Sunday. Arrow airs in its regular Monday night slot.

Ruby Rose will also make her debut as Batwoman in the crossover with a view to getting her own series in 2019.