Author Stephenie Meyer Romances Audiences Again in ‘The Host’


Young Adult author Stephenie Meyer became a household name after introducing her characters Bella, Edward and Jacob to audiences in YA Novels and subsequent Twilight films. This love triangle between a human, vampire and werewolf captured hearts all over the world as Stephenie Meyer tells the story of human Bella struggling between her true love with vampire Edward and the love of her best friend werewolf Jacob.

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In the newest film The Host adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novel of the same name the audience is once again presented with the story of a seeming impossible choice between characters Melanie, Wanda, Ian and Jared. Human Melanie and Jared are in love while alien Wanda, being hosted in Melanie’s body, has a budding relationship with Ian. The difficulty comes in choosing who gets to survive: Melanie or Wanda. As Wanda and Melanie become friends and sisters it becomes an excruciating choice where the love of someone will be sacrificed. In this story Stephenie Meyer once again manages to draw the audience in causing us to root for all these characters and feel the impossibility of a choice of love.

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The Host stars Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons and Jake Abel. The film hits theaters nationwide March 29, 2013.