‘Bad Boys 3’ Renamed ‘Bad Boys For Life’ With Release Date of 2018


Bad Boys 3 has been renamed to Bad Boys For Life and the release date has been pushed back to 2018!bad boys

There hasn’t been a “Bad Boys” movie since 2003, but a much discussed, long-belated sequel is still coming, however, it’s no longer called “Bad Boys 3.” Instead, it’s being titled “Bad Boys For Life” and the release date has been pushed back. Originally scheduled for June 2, 2017, the movie has now been dated for January 12, 2018. The date is not one that boasts a lot of confidence, but then again, Hollywood has been broadening blockbuster season beyond summer for a while now, and studios have been trying to turn January into something other than a dumping ground for the movies they don’t care about. The date change is apparently because Will Smith and Martin Lawrence —yes, they’re both back—can’t shoot the film until January 2017.

Source: The Playlist