Bel Powley and Liv Tyler Cast In WILDLING


Up and coming British actress Bel Powley has joined Liv Tyler who is also co-producer in Wildling.


Wildling centers on young Anna (Powley), who spends has been raised in a single room under the care of a mysterious man (Brad Dourif) she calls “Daddy.” He makes her fear the “Outside” by telling her of the “Wildling,” a creature with sharp teeth and claws who roams about eating little children.

At age 16, Anna is freed by small-town sheriff Ellen Champney (Tyler) with whom she finds a temporary home. For the first time in her life, Anna experiences the Outside, soon learning there’s no such thing as the Wildling. But as she begins to flourish as a young woman, a series of unsettling events unfolds. James LeGros will portray the Wolf Man, an eccentric shaman who lives in the forest.