Ben Affleck No Longer Starring Opposite Kristen Stewart in ‘Focus’


It was announced today (sadly) that Ben Affleck is no longer attached to star with Kristen Stewart in the upcoming film Focus. I’m very sad about this as I always love to see Ben Affleck on screen and was looking forward to the pairing of Ben Affleck with Kristen Stewart.  Here is what Playlist is reporting!


With an Oscar-contending feature film making the rounds with “Argo,” the press obligations that come with it, not to mention the many projects vying for his attention as an actor and director that are too numerous to name here, Ben Affleck is busy. And dude has got to sleep sometime, and it looks like he’s taking one project off his plate.
Affleck has taken himself out of “Focus,” the heist romance/comedy picture that he would’ve co-starred in with Kristen Stewart. The Warner Bros. movie tells the story of a veteran con-man (the role Affleck would have played) who becomes romantically involved with a newcomer (Stewart) and finds the relationship challenged by their illegal activities. When they meet again down the line, the complications have long-lasting effects. “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” team Glenn Ficarra and John Requa wrote the script and will direct, and the studio wanted to get this one going soon, so presumbly they’ll trying to find a replacement fast.