Blake Jenner’s ‘Billy Boy’ gets release date and trailer


Billy Boy, starring Blake Jenner, has a release date and trailer!

Actor Blake Jenner makes his writing debut with the thriller “Billy Boy.”

The film follows a young boy named Billy Forsetti, played by Jenner, who spends his evenings committing crimes and stealing cars with his friends. But after one of his friends is found dead, Billy attempts to leave his dangerous life behind him. Melissa Benoist (“Supergirl”) stars as Billy’s girlfriend Jennifer who tries to help him change the course of his life.

“Billy Boy” will be released on June 15 in 10 markets and via video-on-demand.

The film also stars Grant Harvey, Nick Eversman, Nathaniel Stroud, Melissa Bolona, Greg Germann, Jim Beaver and Andre Royo.

Source: Variety