Bradley Cooper is Preparing for ‘Dark Invasion’



Bradley Cooper is using some of his clout to have Warner Bros. snatch up Dark Invasion, a book by Howard Blum.

Blum’s tome is a real-life spy thriller set in 1915. Germany, mired deep in war with Europe, is concerned that America will ditch its neutral stance and step in to help the allies.

So the country sends its Secret Service to the US in an attempt to stop the States turning the tide of the conflict. The Kaiser’s agents destroy factories, scupper ships, bomb the Capitol Building in Washington, set up an anthrax lab near the White House and shoot JP Morgan, whose wealthy pockets were helping to fund the allied War effort. Those bally rotters!

If it works out Cooper will Tom Tunney, a New York police officer, the man that must bring the spies to justice.  The book will hit shelves in September.

Source:  Empire