Brandon McKnight Promoted as Series Regular in the CW ‘The Flash’ Season 7


Brandon McKnight has been promoted as a series regular in the CW ‘The Flash’ Season 7.

McKnight will reprise his role as the tech genius Chester P. Runk. His character made his first appearance in Season 6 ‘Into the Void.’

McKnight’s Runk is a tech genius who works out of his grandmother’s cluttered garage. A scientific wonder, not only can he design and build almost any gadget, but he does so without the expensive backing and resources of S.T.A.R. Labs. Yes, Chester is a “DIY” kinda guy, forsaking high-tech labs for junkyard finds and other folks’ discarded tech to create his own one-of-a-kind gadgets that bend the laws of physics. And beyond. Fun-loving and a great dancer, Chester is a down-to-earth guy who lights up any room he enters. Oh, and boy is he obsessed with aliens, science fiction movies, and other pop culture interests. He’s also obsessed with Jitters coffee. He has appeared in three episodes so far.

Source: Deadline