Cancellation News: FX & ABC


We have the most dreaded of news cancellations for two shows from FX and ABC, Mistresses and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.



Mistresses is ending on ABC after four seasons and an impressive production backstory. The show was filmed for two seasons in LA then moved to Canada to cut costs for season 3. That move cost them one of the shows biggest draws in star Alyssa Milano who opted to leave the show to remain close to her young family.

Season 3 launched with the introduction of Jennifer Esposito as a new lead character who would go on to only last a single season. Season 4 saw production move back to LA leading up to today’s news.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll  has been cancelled after two seasons on FX. The comedy starred Denis Leary (Rescue Me) and saw a precipitous drop in ratings from season 1 to 2 which has resulted in the decision from the network powers-that-be.