Carlos Bernard Reprises Role in ’24:Legacy’ Revival


It has been announced that Carlos Bernard is reprising his role in the revival of 24: Legacy!carlos-bernard-01

Tony Almeida is back. Carlos Bernard is set to return in Fox’s upcoming 24:Legacy, said exec producers during their stop New York Comic Con. Bernard’s character died in Season 5 but resurfaced as the antihero in Season 7 where he was last seen being hauled off the jail in the finale. “He was imprisoned for doing very terrible things again and again. When we did the show in London, on the DVD, there’s a little short where he arranges his escape so this has been planned for a very long time or we’re very luc[k]y we did that short.”

This marks the first character from the original series to reprise their role in the reboot. No word on any other characters returning but EPs hinted that he may not be the last. “This takes place in the 24 universe. S0 Jack’s story is still ongoing” said Manny Coto. “Allusions may prop up here and there… it’s all one big world.”

Source: Deadline