Charlie Bewley Talks New Role on ‘The Vampire Diaries’


Alloy Entertainment recently sat down with actor Charlie Bewley to talk about his new role on The Vampire Diaries as vampire hunter Galen Vaughn.


Alloy Entertainment: Congrats on your TVD role! Vaughn is described as “ruggedly handsome, charming, built, and tough as hell.” Those are quite formidable traits! What was the audition process like based on all of this? 

Charlie Bewley: I hadn’t worked much on the audition. I went in there and just let them have it. Maybe my confidence in the room was due to Vaughn and I being similar people.

Alloy Entertainment: Were you a fan of The Vampire Diaries beforehand?

Charlie Bewley: I had never watched the show until I was cast – then I caught up and realized what I had gotten myself into.

Alloy Entertainment: Can you tell us a little bit about Vaughn and what brings him to Mystic Falls? 

Charlie Bewley: I cannot — you’ll have to watch. [Hint hint.]

Alloy Entertainment: In a battle of wits and charm though, who would win: Klaus or Vaughn and why?

Charlie Bewley: Klaus is great! I enjoy Joseph’s portrayal of him and he fully deserves the spin-off. As for a Battle of Britain, I dunno… Let’s wait and see if we clash antlers in the future. It certainly would be great to stand toe-to-toe with JM.

Alloy Entertainment: Vaughn has a strong opinion when it comes to Delena on the show. But what’s your outlook on their relationship from what you’ve seen so far? What piece of love advice would you offer them?

Charlie Bewley: My outlook on relationships is not one you want to hear, but in the context of TVD I’ll say this: I cannot believe these two brothers toss around a girl they supposedly love, neither can I believe that Elena willfully hops into bed with one after the next, and back. Sire bond is no excuse.

Alloy Entertainment: What was it like filming scenes with Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, and the cast? Were there any entertaining behind-the-scenes moments on set? 

Charlie Bewley: Ian is the glue that binds us all. He runs the show. It’s quite the spectacle. I love the guy — he has lots of great energy and is a real people person. TV is a new medium for me… these guys have been going at it for years. I feel privileged to have come in and injected my own brand of energy to Mystic Falls.

Alloy Entertainment: You portrayed a vampire in the Twilight saga. And now you’re a slayer. Moment of truth: Which do you have more fun playing and why?

Charlie Bewley: I am all about supernaturalism. My focus on a daily basis is to push evolution to its limits and there is nothing I believe is not possible. So naturally, to play a vampire with the abilities of Demetri was very special. Vaughn is like Bear Grylls on a vengeance mission – and everyone loves Bear. But Bear can’t fly. And Demetri can.

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