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Collider recently spoke with actor Chad Michael Murray about his film The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghost of Georgia and what drew him to the role. He also chatted about his other recent roles. Chad can also be seen in the new season of Southland which premiere’s later this month.


Tell me a little bit about what attracted you to this role and how you got involved in the project.

MURRAY: I think the one thing that I really, really enjoy about the story is, obviously you have the fact that it’s based on true events which I enjoy, but the other side of that was the idea of playing a southern prison guard who has a wife and a daughter, I’ve never had the opportunity to play a father to that level before, with a grown daughter. I really embraced that opportunity, thought this could be fun just to grow a little bit and I enjoyed that.

What was that like for you stepping into that role as the father character?

MURRAY: Well, I kind of had the perfect match little Emily Lind is Barbara Alyn Woods’s daughter and Barbara Alyn Woods was on one Tree Hill with me and in season one Emily was born. So she was actually the first infant that I ever held. So sure enough eight years later, there we are shooting a movie and she’s playing my daughter and I just thought that was so surreal. She’s so sweet and so intelligent, and so professional at her age, and it’s just a tribute to her parenting and her parents and everything else. It was an awesome thing to play.

Did you have an opportunity to meet the Wyrick family before you started shooting the film, and how did playing a character that’s based on a real person affect the way you approached the role?

MURRAY: I never had the opportunity to meet Andy. Andy didn’t necessarily want to be as close to the project, I don’t think, as the rest of the family was. The rest of the family did show up probably midway through the shoot. So I did have an opportunity to meet the Wyricks and you would never second guess that there was anything unordinary about them. They were just very regular, everyday people who happened to live through an extraordinary circumstance. Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet Andy and he’s passed away now, so god rest his soul.

Did you take anything away from meeting the family that changed how you saw the character?

MURRAY: No, tom our director really had his finger on the family, he had met them previous to shooting, he hung out with them for about a week, he hung out with Andy and he kind of just gave me a little bit of tid bit on the way Andy was. He was just very kind of aloof and he lived his life just, “OK, it is what it is.”

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