DANGER GIRL Comic Set For TV Adaption


Constantin Films has acquired Danger Girl with a view to developing a TV show.

Launched in 1996 by comic book artist J. Scott Campbell and writer Andy Hartnell, Danger Girl began under the Wildstorm banner and moved to DC Comics. It has spawned merchandising, including video games, action figures, board games, and high-end collectibles.

The heroine is adventurer Abbey Chase. Reluctantly recruited by a secret spy organization, she teams with fellow operatives Sydney Savage and Natalia Kasstle to locate a series of mystical objects and keep them out of the hands of the criminal enterprise The Hammer Syndicate.

Constantin’s Robert Kulzer will produce along with Jeremy Bolt and Askarieh. Constantin Films will develop a film and a TV project alongside Jeremy Bolt’s Bolt Pictures and Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films

“Looking at Danger Girl’s lead character Abbey Chase and her posse of thrill-seeking femme fatales, female empowerment and wish fulfillment have never been more fun,” Kulzer said.

Added Bolt: “Danger Girl is the perfect opportunity to create a team of grounded, relatable, and dangerous young female characters, but with humor and spectacular action.”

Said Askarieh: “I have been a fan of Danger Girl for more than 20 years and the idea of being part of the team to finally bring Scott’s and Andy’s iconic creation to the screen is incredibly exciting.”

SOURCE: Deadline.com