Daniel Bonjour Set To Guest IZOMBIE


Daniel Bonjour (Walking Dead) is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of iZombie.

Bonjour will play Levon, a documentary film maker covering the fallout of the season three finale of the CW drama.

At the close of last June’s finale, Chase Graves revealed the truth to the world about zombies, assuring the human population that the city’s many brain-eaters will stay put — as long as some of the dead donate their noggins to keep them fed. But there are those on the outside who would like to join the undead party: Levon is following human smugglers, who are bringing terminally ill humans into the walled city. These sickly people want to get scratched, and thus evade permanent death by becoming a zombie.

iZombie returns to the CW in midseason.

SOURCE: TVline.com