‘Deadpool 2’ First Poster Speculates X-Men


Have you seen the first teaser poster for Deadpool 2? Seems like X-Men may have a part in the sequel; take a look below!

deadpool 2

There may not be a firm release date yet, but Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox are ready to get the excitement cooking for “Deadpool 2.” And even though the studio is sitting out San Diego Comic Con this year, that isn’t stopping them from creating their own buzz about a highly anticipated movie, and they don’t even have to bother with putting on a big show in Hall H.

Ryan Reynolds has hit Instagram and dropped a poster for “Deadpool: Number Two,” with a picture of a bathroom door (ha ha) with “X-” added in front of “men,” and likely to send fanboys speculating about who might pop up. Cable has been teased/wished for/rumored for a while, and Ryan Reynolds has made it clear in numerous interviews he wants things to build to an eventual X-Force movie. And while Garrison Kane, Sluggo, and Wire were in the original drafts for “Deadpool,” screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick told us this winter, those characters wouldn’t be in part two.

Source: The Playlist