‘Deadpool’ Sequel Greenlit, Ryan Reynolds: “X-Force Is My Priority”


Exciting news for Deadpool fans, Fox confirmed there will be a sequel. Although, Ryan Reynolds is fully committed to X-Force first. Check out the news below!


Buoyed by mostly positive reviews, and huge anticipation in advance of its opening weekend, 20th Century Fox think they’ve got a hit on their hands with “Deadpool.” And they’re so confident in fact, they’re already going ahead with a sequel.

THR reports that the studio has given the green light to a follow-up, with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returning to write the script. Not locked in yet is director Tim Miller, though Fox is obviously keen to bring him to back, as he certainly found the right voice for the Merc With A Mouth.

There’s no word yet on plot details, but Ryan Reynolds recently shared that the character may rumble with X-Men a bit more, which isn’t a surprise given the current movie’s inclusion of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. “There’s so much material to mine in just the X-Men universe,” he told Filmstarts (via Comic Book Resources). “In the future, if we’re doing a bunch more ‘Deadpool’ movies, we’re really going to explore the X-Men a lot. We’ll see. And maybe X-Force — X-Force is my priority. I really want to get that in.”

Source: Indie Wire