Drew Barrymore joins ‘The Stand-In’


Drew Barrymore is joining the film, The Stand-In!

Drew Barrymore is doubling up with her latest feature The Stand-In, a romantic comedy directed by But I’m A Cheerleader director Jamie Babbit. The film is being produced by Barrymore’s Flower Films in association with The Exchange, which will be launching it in Berlin.

The Stand-In is written by Sam Bain, the British comedy writer behind Chris Morris feature Four Lions and Channel 4’s long-running series Peep Show.

It tells the story of a disaffected comedy actress and her ambitious stand-in trading places, both played by the Never Been Kissed star, who recently starred in Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. Candy is a washed-up movie star, busted for a tax evasion, who hires her unemployed, adoring stand-in Paula to do community service in her place. However, a weird co-dependent relationship ensues as Candy begins to use Paula as a stand- in in all parts of her life to escape from the stressful demands of fame. Eventually, Paula starts to take over Candy’s identity, career and boyfriend, finally kicking Candy out of her own house, where she is forced to survive in the real world for the first time while Paula lives the celebrity life of her dreams, until her boyfriend discovers the truth about the woman he’s sleeping with.

Source: Deadline