DUNE Reboot Adds Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa (Aquaman) is in talks to join the cast of a reboot of Dune.

The Sci-Fi classic which started live as a novel series written by Frank Herbert already has a cast that includes Timothee Chalamet, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgard, Dave Bautista, Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, and Zendaya.

Momoa will portray Duncan Idaho, a swordmaster in the house of Atreides who is the right-hand man to Chalamet’s father, played by Isaac. Set in the distant future, Dune follows Paul Atreides (Chalamet), whose family assumes control of the desert planet Arrakis. As the only producer of a highly valuable resource, jurisdiction over Arrakis is contested among competing noble families. After Atreides is betrayed, he leads a rebellion to restore his family’s reign.

SOURCE: Variety.com