Emma Dumont Set To Be Lead On Razor Comic Adaption


Everett Hartsoe’s Razor comic is set for a film adaption starring The Gifted’s Emma Dumont.

The comic was published by London Night Studios and helped to start the bad girl phase of the 90s which included female led series like Shi: Way of The Warrior.

Dumont will star as Nicole Mitchell, a young woman who, as a ten-year-old, witnesses her cop father’s murder by a gang of upwardly mobile crime figures who seek to thwart his investigation into their nefarious activities. The trauma lands her in a sanitarium for a decade in which time she develops a complex plan of revenge on the murderers.

The film is set to be directed by Rob Cohen the director also responsible for launching the Fast and Furious and XXX film franchises. Cohen had nothing but praise for Dumont:

“Emma is a renaissance woman, she’s a wonderful actress, a professional ballet dancer, and is currently getting her degree in Robotics Engineering. I have her training in Krav Maga and, believe me, there is nothing she can’t do.”

SOURCE: Deadline.com