Eva Green & Emmanuelle Seigner Join ‘Based On A True Story’


Eva Green and Emmanuelle Seigner have been cast in Based on a True Story!green-and-seigner

With the Nate Parker/”Birth Of A Nation” controversy still unfolding, a new conversation is happening around how one can separate the art from the artist, or even if they should. It’s a discussion that has certainly swirled around Roman Polanski for decades, and with each of his new movies, it becomes ignited all over again, and that will likely be the case for “Based On A True Story,” despite the talent arrayed around it.

With a script by Olivier Assayas, and based on the French best-selling book Delphine de Vigan, Variety reports that Eva Green and Polanski regular/wife Emmanuelle Seigner have signed up to star in the flick. The thriller will follow a writer, going through a rough period after the release of her latest book, who life is put in danger by an obsessive admirer.

Source: The Playlist