Fan Verification for New York Comic Con 2019 Closing Soon


If you want to attend NYCC but have yet to complete the VERY important step of fan verification, your opportunity to do so closes June 2.   I will repeat that loudly for those sitting in the back row, “FAN VERIFICATION FOR NYCC 2019 ENDS JUNE 2!!” 

What does that mean?  Well, if you’ve completed fan verification in the past but don’t yet have your 2019 tickets through pre-sale, nothing.  You are still verified and ready to go (although caution dictates you check your account to ensure it is active).  If you have never completed the fan verification process you will need to do it now if you plan to attend in 2019. You will not be allowed to purchase tickets without being fan verified.  Really.  You will not be allowed to assign purchased tickets to your family, friends, random strangers you intend to go with, unless they are also fan verified (or under 12 years old).  Please note that everyone attending over the age of 12 must be verified and will need their own unique e-mail address for the application.  Other than that, I assure you it is quick and painless.  Here are all the rules.

NYCC will be held Oct 3-6 at the Javits Center in, you guessed it, New York.  Having attended the past 3 years, I can tell you it is big, exciting and growing every year.  Last year, stars from Outlander, Riverdale, Future Man, Twilight and many more were there to meet the fans in panels, meet and greets and other special events. 

NYCC has started to announce guests for this year and you’ll want to check  the website frequently for announcements.  Tickets go on sale June 12 (but, you MUST be fan verified to purchase, in case you are still not clear. lol).