Film Noir WHISPER Starring Maia Mitchell Begins Production


Thriller and Film Noir project Whisper which stars Maia Mitchell has begun production.

Whisper follows Nick, a talented photographer who is new to Los Angeles. He falls quickly in love with Tessa (Mitchell), a free-spirited young woman who is no longer charmed by the city. Their worlds are turned upside down when she asks him to do the unimaginable, which leads to him uncovering a dark truth, forcing them down a path of revenge and destruction. Katelyn Pippy (Army Wives) and Ronnie Gene Blevins (Death Wish) also star.

Keith Kjarval, who is writing the project with Azi Rahman directing, had this to say:

Whisper is our dark ode to modern love and Los Angeles. We were interested in examining love today and the intimacy and risk that is borne of meeting one another through technology – and the fascinating yet dangerous blend of that rapid intimacy with perfect strangers.  It just seemed like a subject so ripe for the conversations on morality and the tension often found in neo noirs.”