First Look at James Olsen in ‘Supergirl’


Take a look at James Olsen as The Guardian in Supergirl!james-olsen

Good news for fans of criminally under-appreciated Superman supporting character Jimmy Olsen. Here’s your first look at James Olsen – his the CW’s Supergirl incarnation played by Mehcad Brooks – as he takes on the mantle of the classic DC Comics hero, Guardian. In this role, James will fight to protect National City alongside Supergirl.

One of the many classic comic characters spawned by the legendary partnership between Jack Kirby and frequent collaborator Joe Simon, Guardian was in essence a DC Comics analogue to Marvel’s Captain America, created by Kirby and Simon for Marvel comics (then known as Timely). Debuting on the pages of DC’s Star-Spangled Comics in 1942, Guardian, the alter-ego of Jim Harper, was a Metropolis-based hero aided by his sidekicks, the Newsboys Legion (yes, exactly what it sounds like), who trained himself to peak physical condition while employing a variety of advanced tech to help him fight crime.

Source: Deadline