First look at ‘Ozark’ season 2


Check out the first look at season 2 of Ozark!

The Byrdes are back. Netflix released a first-look teaser announcing that the second season of Ozark starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will return for your bingeing pleasure on August 31.

The 40-second teaser for the crime drama — watch it above — gives us flashes of the second season that features a voice-over of Linney’s Wendy saying, “We’ve done lots of things, things we said we would never do,” to which Bateman’s Marty replies, “People make choices, Wendy. Choices have consequences.” The show also stars Julia Garner and Season 2 newcomer Janet McTeer.

There are plenty of dark, foreboding moments and, well, some more dark, foreboding moments in the teaser before it finally ends with a gunshot and Wendy saying: “So that’s it? We go back in that house, we go to bed, wake up in the morning and we kiss the kids?”

Marty responds, “That’s exactly what we do.”

Source: Deadline