First Look of Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt in ‘Passengers’


Excited to see Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt together in a movie? Take a look at the new images of the two actors in Passengers!passengers passengers 2

We finally have our first look at Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s new movie “Passengers.”

In the film, Lawrence and Pratt are the only two “Passengers” awake on a 5,000 man vessel, where the rest of the population is in suspended animation. Their ship starts to malfunction, putting those 5,000 people and themselves in a critical position.

In these first two photos, we see Pratt and Lawrence looking through an opening, possibly into outer space or possibly into the innards of a malfunctioning aircraft. The other photo shows the stars in the middle of a conversation, Pratt in full space gear.

“Passengers” will blast into theaters on December 21.

Source: Variety