First Look Photos: New Promotional Pics for ‘The Following’


Get a first look on these promo pics for ‘The Following’.

The Following 05

Sure, their love triangle is one of the creepiest in television history, but when they look like that…who cares?

In this exclusive first look at The Following‘s newest promo photo, Nico TortorellaAdan Canto and Valorie Curry are giving off some seriously sexy vibes. No wonder Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) recruited them. And trust us when we say this love triangle will only get darker.

In next week’s episode, titled “The Poets Fire,” a new follower is discovered, and he’s on a mission of revenge for Joe. The target? Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), of course. Plus, Paul, Emma and Jacob’s relationship reaches a breaking point that could make all their efforts wasted.

Sources: TV|Line and E! Online