First Trailer & Look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker



Move over Batman, soon there will be another Joker in town.  Warner Bros released the first trailer for their upcoming movie, “Joker” at CinemaCon this week.  Based on this first look, the movie appears to have all the necessary ingredients to be as disturbing and creepy as a movie about the Joker should be.  In this newest interpretation of the iconic character, Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the Joker.   Phoenix is often portrayed in the media as a Hollywood outsider whose personal tragedies have shaped him into a reclusive weirdo. In that respect, having seen the trailer, this seems to be the perfect role for him.  The trailer begins to tell us the backstory of the Joker.  It starts with a loving son who lives his mother and quickly transitions to a man who is beaten down, both literally by thugs and figuratively by life until he adopts the persona of an antihero with a permanent smile painted on his face. I have never felt any sympathy for the Joker, but I tell you I felt bad for him just watching this trailer.   It appears we will all have to wait until October 4th, when the movie hits theaters, to see if that sympathy is well-placed.  Until then, enjoy the trailer.



Source: Variety