Fox Renews Two Freshman Shows


Fox have defied some expectations with two early renewals to freshman shows Lethal Weapon and Star.

Lethal Weapon, a reimagining of the movies, follows cop duo Riggs (Crawford) and Murtaugh (Wayans), who work a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. Grief-stricken after the loss of his young wife and unborn child, Navy SEAL-turned-detective Riggs moves to California to “start over” at the LAPD. He’s paired up with Murtaugh, who’s just coming back to the job after a near-fatal heart attack. Riggs’ penchant for diving headfirst into the line of fire immediately clashes with Murtaugh’s prudent, by-the-book technique. One has everything to live for, the other has nothing to lose.

Lethal Weapon‘s renewal is surprising as the show only has an 18 episode run for season one, with conventional wisdom usually having a show if its kind getting a 22 episode season BEFORE getting a renewal, but the viewing figures seem to show that demand was there.

Star tells the story three young women in Atlanta eager to succeed in the music world while running from their pasts and trying to survive in a ruthless world. The show features dream sequences with the cast performing songs.

Both shows will return for a second season