FROZEN TIDES by Morgan Rhodes Releases Next Month & Giveaway


The fourth book in the YA fantasy series by Morgan Rhodes, ‘Falling Kingdoms’ won’t hit shelves until December 15th but in anticipation of the Frozen Tides release, Penguin Teen is hosting a fantastic way for readers who are yet to discover this kingdom.

Falling Kingdoms takes place in Mytica where three kingdoms have forgotten magic existed. It is a story of an on going battle of power and sovereign.  Like most popular series, we have core characters who find their fates forever intertwined with Cleo, Jonas, Lucia, and Magnus.

Now Penguin Teen is asking the biggest question…which fictional kingdom, region, or world would you conquer?


Cleo Bellos, princess of Auranos
(picture originally posted on tumblr)

Auranos without doubt. Based from Morgan Rhodes’ epic description, it seems to be a very lovely kingdom with rich and lavish tradition. They are known to be the richest as well. Who wouldn’t want to live there? And truth be told, Cleo Bellos have the best wardrobe and seamstress. That’s a big yes for me.


Magnus Damora, heir of Limeros
(picture originally posted on tumblr)

I’m actually cheating. I’m also choosing Limeros and not only because I ship Magnus and Cleo, though you’ll know my reasons as soon as I unpack them. Like Auranos, Limeros is an aesthetically pleasing kingdom. It is extremely cold there with a copious amount of snow covering their country. Just how I like it. Imagine wearing your furs, boots and gloves. Perfect. Also, my hidden agenda is to see Limeros and Auranos as a joint sovereignty.

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Thanks to Penguin, they are offering the first three books to three lucky winners.

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