Game of Thrones Recap – Season 8 Premiere


Fans waited over a year and a half for the final season of Game of Thrones. And now that the first episode is done – we’re still waiting for the rollercoaster of emotions to truly begin. Don’t get me wrong. The parade scene with everyone finally uniting in Winterfell tugged at my heartstrings. But as for the rest of the episode – those opening credits were probably the most exciting moment. We’re going to need a lot of heads to roll in the final five episodes in the series!

If you missed Sunday’s episode, here’s where we stand –

Winterfell: Daenerys and Jon have arrived in Winterfell – where Sansa continues to lead The North in preparation for the battle with the undead. After welcoming a parade with Daenerys’ sizable army, Sansa asks the most sensible question – what are all these people (and two enormous dragons) going to eat? This leads to a visually stunning but seemingly unnecessary scene with Jon and Daenerys riding the dragons. But really – who doesn’t love an excuse to look at Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke hanging out by a waterfall?

Back at the castle, Daenerys thanks Sam for saving Jorah’s life, and then immediately confesses to killing both Sam’s father and brother after they refused to bend the knee to her. Sam then finds his best bud Jon, and finally reveals that Jon is the true heir to The Iron Throne – Aegon Targaryen.

Meanwhile, Bran stares awkwardly at everyone until Jaime appears at the end of the episode – without the promised army from King’s Landing. We can look forward to this pair having a wintery reunion in more ways than one!

King’s Landing: Euron and his ships are in King’s Landing and he is determined to finally have his prize – time in Queen Cersei’s bed. Cersei eventually agrees to the proposition, after which we discover that Euron is that guy who wants a lot of feedback after sex. Supposedly already pregnant with her brother’s child, Cersei drinks some wine and Euron says he wants to put a baby in her. Cersei also welcomes The Golden Company – the mercenaries she has hired with the support of the Iron Bank – but laments that they haven’t brought any war elephants with them.

In a less reputable part of town, Bron is approached by Qyburn with a lucrative proposition from the queen to kill her traitor brothers if they survive the battle with the undead. And just outside the capital, Theon rescues Yara and agrees to go with her to take back the Iron Islands. But Yara recognizes that Theon wants to defend Winterfell, and sends him on his way again.

The Wall: The undead have begun their march south. Even after the destruction of a portion of the wall in the final episode of season 7, Tormund, Beric, and the gang from Eastwatch have survived. On their way south, they discover that the Night King has left a message for them – in the form of an undead Ned Umber.

This episode provided plenty of reunions and paved the way for some delicious drama to unfold in the final five episodes – but it didn’t get me any closer to winning the death pool I’ve entered. On the upside, we get to have our favorite characters around awhile longer – before our hopes and dreams are ultimately crushed in true Game of Thrones fashion. Valar Morghulis.