Gerard Butler & Joe Alwyn To Star In KEEPERS


Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) and Joe Alwyn are set to star in psychological thriller Keepers.



Keepers is a psychological thriller set around a local mystery off the Scottish coast surrounding a trio of lighthouse keepers stuck together on a remote Scottish island.

Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm will direct the film and released this statement:

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Joe Alwyn leading the cast of Keepers – great actors who are deeply committed to this project, and who will go the distance. These men are the strong and unique characters at the heart of this story, which is a journey from innocence to animalistic survival. Keepers was great to read, will be an adventure to make, and terrifying to watch!”

Keepers will be produced by Andy Evans, Ade Shannon and Sean Marley for Mad as Birds, Butler and Alan Siegel for G-Base and Brian Oliver for Cross Creek Pictures.