GIRL NAMED SUE Sets Shailene Woodley As Lead


Shailene Woodley (Adrift) has been cast as the star of Girl Named Sue based on the true story of DEA Agent Sue Webber-Brown.

Set in the central California farmland in the ’90s at the height of the crystal meth crisis, Webber-Brown fights her way into the boys’ club of law enforcement where she takes it upon herself to help the small children overlooked during raids. It is a decision that will change her life forever.

Risking her career and the safety of her family, she attempts to change the way United States law enforcement and Social Services treat “drug endangered” children, saving thousands of children’s lives. While certain states and counties have mandated Sue’s DEC protocol, it is not yet federal law.

The film was written by Lisa Cole and Mark Monroe, the husband & wife team. Mark Monroe wrote the Oscar-winning documentaries The Cove and Icarus.