‘Gypsy’ releases its official trailer


Netflix has released the trailer for Gypsy!

The official trailer for Gypsy — a ten-episode psychological thriller debuting Friday, June 30 — promises a very adult story, with Watts starring as therapist Jean Halloway, who crosses the line and gets a little too intimate with some of her patients. As she seductively toys with a male patient and later makes out with a female one (!) to the strains of Banks’ lusty “Waiting Game,” Jean muses: “There’s one force more powerful than free will: our desires.” (It’s no surprise that Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor Johnson helms the series.)

But Jean is married with kids, and her indiscretions start to catch up to her. A therapist colleague warns her, “You’ve blurred so many boundaries,” and Jean admits, “I feel like I’ve been living my life as two people… I don’t know who’s in control anymore.” And when her husband Michael (Billy Crudup) starts to get suspicious of her, it sparks a rift that threatens to bring her whole life — both of her lives — crashing down.

Source: TV Line