HALO 5: GUARDIANS Set For eSports TV Series


Halo 5: Guardians could be the subject of a new Reality TV series exploring the world of eSports.


Pilgrim Media Group and Lionsgate are behind the planned foray into eSports and if it goes ahead will definitely be in the first generation of TV dealing with the subject. Video games themselves are no stranger to the TV screen but eSports is despite being forecast as $400+ million a year industry (2016 estimate) with that set to rise steadily.

ESPN2 has experimented with televising live eSports (competitve video gaming with cash prizes for the winners) events including the Evolution Championships for Street Fighter V that were held earlier this year in Las Vegas with over 5000 entrants from around the world.

Since first launching in 2001, the “Halo” franchise has generated more than $5 billion in worldwide sales to date.

SOURCE: Variety.com