HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 Casting Roundup


Blumhouse horror sequel Happy Death Day 2 has released its major casting information and we have it for you.

In the first movie, sorority girl Tree Gelbman relives the day of her murder in Groundhog Day style. She ultimately tries to beat the time loop by discovering who her killer’s identity is. Lead Jessica Rothe is reprising her role and will be joined by Israel Broussard who also appeared in the original.

Joining the time loopy sequel will be Suraj Sharma who is set to play Samar Ghosh, a science enthusiast and geek who enjoys coding in his spare time. Sarah Yarkin will play Dre Morgan, a science geek and tom-boy with a sleepy feline gaze who is Samar’s partner-in-crime.

Happy Death Day made $123 million globally so Blumhouse sees the success of a sequel as likely. Production will begin next week.

SOURCE: Deadline.com