HarperCollins To Publish Alexandra Monir’s Upcoming Novel ‘The Final Six’



Deadline reports, HarperCollins will be publishing Alexandra Monir’s upcoming novel, The Final Six. We reported last week, Sony Pictures acquired the film rights of this unfinished book. See the full details below:

Alexandra Monir’s upcoming novel The Final Six has completed a wild ride after heating bidding saw HarperCollins emerge to seal publishing rights to her high-concept YA book. This is the manuscript that Deadline told you Sony acquired in a pre-emptive deal earlier this month after seeing only the few chapters that were available to read.

The HarperCollins deal is the final piece to an unusual process in which a major studio bid on an unpublished book proposal, triggering a publishing scrap that wrapped last week — just in time for next month’s Chicago Book Fair.

Final Six imagines a present-day world under a first-of-its-kind coalition between the UN and the international space agencies, with a plot to send a team of six intrepid teenagers to create the first human settlement on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The high-concept hook touches on aspirational and relevant themes of environmentalism, global unity and leadership.