Hayden Panettiere Talks Return of ‘Nashville’ and that Proposal


TV Line spoke with Nashville star Hayden Panettiere about the winter finale and that shocking proposal at the end of the winter finale!

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TVLINE | When we talked to Callie Khouri about the winter finale, she said that Juliette’s proposal was partly about wanting a family connection but also partly because Sean’s mom said, “No way.”
Oh, absolutely. [Juliette’s] not used to hearing “no.” “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is her motto, and that’s what’s gotten her to where she is today. It’s like that double-edged sword, where it’s great on one hand and it’s gotten her to where she is and the success she’s seen, but it’s also very self-destructive.

TVLINE | What was going through your mind when you read the script and you saw that she was going to propose?
When that happened, it was all in this kind of downfall of Juliette, one mistake after another and [a period of] self-sabotage. And she’s the kind of girl that just looks for love in all the wrong places, because she never had it. She never felt like she had it. But I thought it was interesting. I saw that and I went, “Hmm, I wonder how that’s going to end?”

TVLINE | In the promos for the first episode of the new year, we see Juliette wearing a wedding gown. Is she all in? Having any second thoughts?
She’s very impulsive, obviously. And sometimes, the need to win and the will to win overpowers her actual feelings. When [she feels] something that is genuine, she tends to sabotage that and ruin all chance at it. I don’t think that [wanting to marry Sean] is completely impulsive and has no genuine feeling behind it — I think the genuine feeling is what is the scariest to her.

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