Hulu to Develop ‘John Grisham’ Multi-Series Drama


According to Deadline, Hulu is teaming up with author John Grisham to adapt two of his series.

The Rainmaker, which came out of 1995, and Rogue Lawyer, 2015 novel, will be a two-series drama project with the streaming service.

Michael Seitzman and Jason Richman will spearhead The Rainmaker as co showrunners. 

You can read the more about the news below: 

Seitzman and Richman serve as co-showrunners on The Rainmaker-Rogue Lawyer, which is described as “two books, two shows, one shared storyline.” They will work on both shows, which have assembled a writers room, with Seitzman focused primarily on The Rainmaker and Richman on Rogue Lawyer. The room will work simultaneously on the two series, with a goal to produce eight scripts for each.

Each series will be based on one of the books and will have its own storyline and cast but the two shows’ plots will also be linked as they will share a villain, and some (but not all) characters from one show will appear on the other. (The villain is a character from one of the books though his/her identity is being kept a secret.) Essentially, every episode of every series will be a crossover episode.