‘If I Stay’ Movie News Update


The author of If I Stay provided fans with some updates on the movie adaptation!

if i stay

About that If I Stay movie news….

Sorry to have kept you all waiting. I’m in Australia now and busy and awake while you’re not. But a LOT has been happening behind the scenes in the past few weeks and it’s gotten to a point that I can tell you a few things:

Number one: We have a new studio.


Number two: We have an awesome director.

Meet R.J. Cutler. I adore him, and not just because he has red hair! He is the brains behind the TV show Nashville. He also made a documentary about Dick Cheney, and one about Vogue Magazine. Before I met him, I thought anyone who could pull that that, could probably work miracles in Hollywood. And then I met him, and heard his vision for the film. And cried. Which was embarrassing enough but I was eating cherry pie, so it was just…messy. He also has awesome taste in music, so I promise you it will be one kick-ass soundtrack. He totally got me obsessed with this song. His twitter handle is @rjcutler so go say hi.

Number three: We are in final negotiations with our Mia. I’m not supposed to say who she is until the deal is finalized, but she’s the same star who’s been rumored to be attached for ages. You can google her. You might notice her hair has been getting darker and how much more Mia-like she looks! She is an amazing actress. I couldn’t be happier.

Number four: We are looking to start shooting this fall!

No word yet on casting for other roles but that should start happening soon. I’ve been Australia and have been bombarded with Adam suggestions, like this guy.

(Brenton Thwaites)

And also this guy:

(Lincoln Younes)

Please note, these guys are not under consideration for anything, except excitement from their Aussie boosters.

But given the hot and talented and musically inclined guys on RJ’s TV show Nashville, I’m not worried he and the casting people will find the perfect Adam.

Fun fact, Scarlett on Nashville is from Australia, so you never know…

Number five: I think it’s really happening, guys. I apologize for giving you crumbs but I will have much more coming soon!

Number six: If I Stay fans are amazing! You guys have all been so patient and faithful and I’m telling you it’ll be worth it. This is the team we want to make this film. These guys are all amazing! The script is fantastic. Adam and Mia are going to make it to the screen* in the way we want them to.

*please supply your own tissues.

Source: Gayle Forman’s Tumblr