Interview with ‘Southland’s Regina King, Talks Directing the Show and Its Future


While Southland‘s future of renewal is unsure, actress Regina King insists she would love to have the show come back for another season. King, who flexed her directorial muscles on the show, shares a few insights on her character and her role as a director in an interview with TV Line, seen below.


TVLINE | Lydia is pretty separate from most of the other characters. How was it finally coming together and working with Michael Cudlitz, Ben McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy and the rest of the cast as their director?
It was great. They totally embraced me putting on the director’s hat. They were very supportive. Shawn and Michael, they both actually stayed a few hours after they wrapped their scenes to watch me shoot other scenes with other cast members.

TVLINE | What was the most challenging aspect of directing the show?
Being in front of the camera. You just have to trust yourself and trust the crew that you are executing the plan. We move so fast on our show, there’s no time to stop — [It’s] not even [that] we don’t have the time. We don’t have the money to stop after I do my take to watch the playback. That just doesn’t work for our schedule. Like I said, you have to be trusting.

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